Things I Won’t Miss About South America

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As the sun sets on our time in Latin America, I find myself reflecting on our five month adventure. I’ll cherish the memories of trekking through the Andes, snowboarding down a volcano, swimming with turtles and river tubing through a cloud forest. But I have to admit there are some things I’ll be glad to see the back of!


Top 10 Eats – Bolivia

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We found Bolivia’s cuisine to be palatable but not fantastic. Street food is widely available but is almost always deep fried, using oil that’s days old judging by the smell of it. We dabbled a little but are ashamed to admit that we preferred the gringo food joints.


Secluded Sajama

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It only took two minivans, a double decker bus and a taxi to get us to Sajama Village. The gruelling journey is one of the reasons there aren’t many gringos here, and that suited us just fine.


Cochabamba – Bolivian cities

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photo-05-08-2016-14-49-40We’d been travelling for over a month and had been sharing dorms every night, we’ve loved it all but sometimes you need a little luxury and Cochabamba is where we found it.


Border hopping – Bolivia to Chile

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received_10211010543648318As per usual we had to do things the hard way, it’s not that we plan it to be difficult, it’s more that we don’t plan at all then when it’s too late we realise we’re in the middle of nowhere with no ATMs, no English speakers and no buses. (more…)

Death Road….on a bike

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imageA 5.45am alarm call is usually followed by a low growl and numerous slams on the snooze button for me. Not today, I was full of beans when the beeping started, immediately leaping out of bed and into the bathroom. After six weeks in Bolivia we were finally about to bike Death Road!


Sucre – Bolivian cities

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Photo 31-07-2016, 10 52 51Leaving Potosi we were pretty excited about arriving in Sucre, everyone we’d met had raved about this city. The views from the bus journey alone were awesome with canyons, mountains and lots of expensive looking football pitches.