Things I Won’t Miss About South America

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As the sun sets on our time in Latin America, I find myself reflecting on our five month adventure. I’ll cherish the memories of trekking through the Andes, snowboarding down a volcano, swimming with turtles and river tubing through a cloud forest. But I have to admit there are some things I’ll be glad to […]

Survival Series – Chile

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After visiting Peru and Bolivia we were quite proud of our grasp of the Spanish language. That is until until we crossed the border into Chile and they knocked us back down a peg or two. The language is just one aspect of how this stunning country is one of a kind.

Snowboarding in Chile

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A few months into our round the world trip I was suffering serious shred withdrawals! We decided to hit the slopes in Chile and tick our second continent off on the snowboarding bucket list. All that was left to do was to decide on a resort. Naturally, we picked the one furthest away from civilisation.

Border hopping – Bolivia to Chile

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As per usual we had to do things the hard way, it’s not that we plan it to be difficult, it’s more that we don’t plan at all then when it’s too late we realise we’re in the middle of nowhere with no ATMs, no English speakers and no buses.