Saving the pennies for a rtw trip

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Are you thinking about quitting your job, packing a bag and heading off to see all of the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing? Raising the cash to do it might seem quite daunting but it’s a hell of a lot easier when you make a plan, here’s how….

Bus it – Mindo to Mompiche

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If you’ve read any of our other blogs you’ll know we tend to veer away from the easy to get to and head for the difficult to find places with no information on how to get there. Well, Mompiche was no exception.

How to see The Galapagos on a budget

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Everyone dreams of visiting an island with turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and endless wildlife.┬áBut the archipelagos that first inspired Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution and natural selection have long held the reputation of being expensive and unobtainable for most.

12 Reasons I fell in love with The Galapagos

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Less than an hour after our plane landed on Isla San Cristobal we were walking along the soft white sands of Playa Mann, completely surrounded by sea lions!

Things I Won’t Miss About South America

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As the sun sets on our time in Latin America, I find myself reflecting on our five month adventure. I’ll cherish the memories of trekking through the Andes, snowboarding down a volcano, swimming with turtles and river tubing through a cloud forest. But I have to admit there are some things I’ll be glad to […]

Survival Series – Chile

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After visiting Peru and Bolivia we were quite proud of our grasp of the Spanish language. That is until until we crossed the border into Chile and they knocked us back down a peg or two. The language is just one aspect of how this stunning country is one of a kind.

Snowboarding in Chile

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A few months into our round the world trip I was suffering serious shred withdrawals! We decided to hit the slopes in Chile and tick our second continent off on the snowboarding bucket list. All that was left to do was to decide on a resort. Naturally, we picked the one furthest away from civilisation.

Top 10 Eats – Bolivia

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We found Bolivia’s cuisine to be palatable but not fantastic. Street food is widely available but is almost always deep fried, using oil that’s days old judging by the smell of it. We dabbled a little but are ashamed to admit that we preferred the gringo food joints.

For the love of friendship bracelets!

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Everyone is different and that goes for backpackers too. People travel for different reasons and in different styles but there are a few idiosyncrasies that unless you’ve been in that situation you just won’t get. Here’s a wee insight into the weird world of travel bums.