Her who?

Her Outdoors was created by adrenaline junkies Alison and Helene.  We’ve been together since 2014 and to say our relationship has been adventurous is a bit of an understatement.  Our first few dates were action packed due to our shared love of the outdoors.  It started with some harmless hikes before progressing to mucky mountain biking. And it wasn’t long before Alison dragged Helene to their local snowdome for some boarding lessons.  18 months after our first date we’d quit our jobs and were preparing for our round the world trip. Six countries and two continents later we’re back in bonny Scotland planning the next leg.

BHE11Alison: Having not really paid much attention at school I worked in bars and clubs and travelled a fair amount in my early twenties. Eager to leave  London I joined the Royal Air Force and somehow managed to make a career as an Air Traffic Controller which I loved. Living in Scotland was a bonus, as was spending around three months of my last year snowboarding in Europe! After eight years I was a bit bored so I used my free time to became a qualified snowboard and ski instructor and left to work a season in the Scottish mountains whilst planning our RTW trip. It’s my aim to snowboard in as many countries as possible and perhaps even work as an instructor in a few. I’m currently teaching at Snow Factor in Glasgow but already planning a trip to South Korea for the next Winter Olympics.

BHE12Helene: I spent 15 years working for one of the UK’s largest savings and investment companies.  Unlike Alison there wasn’t much snowboarding or foreign travel involved but I did work with some amazing people and developed lots of skills including training and facilitating, process redesign and consultancy. When I wasn’t sporting the business suit I’d be splashing through puddles in running tights and trail shoes.  Travelling has given me time to think about what I want from my career and I’ve just landed a new job in marketing.  As an aspiring mountain biker my priority for 2017 is to obtain my Mountain Bike Leadership Award and compete in my first enduro.