2 days in….Mompiche

Mompiche is a unique place, there’s plenty to do here but it’s also the perfect place to not do anything!


We stayed at B&B Oasis Colibri (one of our favourites), where we had our own room with private bathroom and a delicious breakfast, all for $11 each per night. Expensive by our standards but we wanted some quiet time and with only three rooms it was perfect, we ended up staying for four nights! Other good hostels are Kiwi or DMCA who offer dorm beds from $6.


There a few older European surfer dudes that obviously came to Mompiche a long time ago and just never left (not even to see a dentist apparently). The other poeple that live here are mostly fishermen/fisherwomen/fisherpeople? You get my point, everyone fishes here.

The locals are relaxed, friendly and very peaceful, a nice reprieve from the constant noise of South America.


The cafes and hostels are all basic, beautiful and affordable. You can get a really good lunch or dinner from $1-$5 and lobster for $8. And there are around 4 shops selling fresh fruit and veg as well as other basic food stuff in case you want to cook yourself.


We visited in late October and didn’t see a huge amount of sun, it was cloudy most of the time but warm all day and night.  We (well actually just Helene) were bitten a few times so bring bug spray. It’s perfect for beginner surfers as well as experts (so I’m told). The water is a reasonable temperature so a wetsuit isn’t necessary and it’s a really gentle, sandy slope into the water. I fear one day this place will turn into a surf mecca but for now it’s perfect.

What to do

This is the place where the jungle meets the Pacific, within minutes of leaving this little town you can be hiking into the jungle, either by yourself or with a tour. We enjoyed going for runs and working out on the never ending beach.

Surf hire and lessons are readily available, it’s $15 per day for a board or $20 for a two hour lesson, just don’t expect big foam beginner boards. You can get a taxi ($1.50) or hike to a water taxi ($0.50) to surrounding islands like Muisne to explore. If you’d prefer something a bit more relaxing there’s plenty of hammocks around town so why not put your feet up and enjoy watching the hummingbirds whilst listening to the waves.

Surfing Mompiche 2

Read about how to get to Mompiche here.

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