Peru’s Northern Coast

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Our inaugural visit to Peru consisted of vast deserts, the Andes mountains and ancient Incan cities. Our second visit two months later couldn’t have been more different as we ditched the alpaca sweaters for sun, sea and surf.


Snowboarding in Chile

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snowboarding in chile

A few months into our round the world trip I was suffering serious shred withdrawals! We decided to hit the slopes in Chile and tick our second continent off on the snowboarding bucket list. All that was left to do was to decide on a resort. Naturally, we picked the one furthest away from civilisation.


Top 10 Eats – Bolivia

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We found Bolivia’s cuisine to be palatable but not fantastic. Street food is widely available but is almost always deep fried, using oil that’s days old judging by the smell of it. We dabbled a little but are ashamed to admit that we preferred the gringo food joints.


For the love of friendship bracelets!

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Friendship braceletEveryone is different and that goes for backpackers too. People travel for different reasons and in different styles but there are a few idiosyncrasies that unless you’ve been in that situation you just won’t get. Here’s a wee insight into the weird world of travel bums.


Survival Series – Peru

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After a few months travelling through South America we thought we’d be kind enough to scribble down some top tips to help others avoid making the same mistakes as us…..make your own instead.


Top 10 eats – Peru

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When we’re not snowboarding, mountain biking or running up and down mountains we’re usually eating. We have unusually large appetites for the size of us and we love trying new things.


Backpacker Kit Review

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You may have read our Don’t Pack Like a Girl blog or checked out our photos on A Punter’s Guide to Packing a Backpack. But how have things faired now that we’re actually on the road?