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Camper conversion shopping list

If you’ve read our blog on converting a rusty old car into something to live in then read on to find out how little it cost.

Buy/borrow/steal tools and wood.  I’m joking about stealing but I did want to spend as little as possible, here’s a quick run down of what I used.


Citroen Berlingo 2005 – £600

Fixing the Berlingo in the first 6 months – £500 ish

Tools and materials

Wood saw – £4 B&M

Screwdriver and drill – if you don’t already have these then maybe ask for help with the build?!?!

Screws – Whatever I found in DB’s tool box

2 x 9mm Plywood sheets (1220×2440) – £24 each from B&Q and they cut it to size

2 x 22x50x2400 battens – also from B&Q for £2.99 each

2 x pack of 3 butt hinges – about £4 a pack

Chain – £6

Metal hooks – £1.50 each


Soft furnishings

The remaining hard materials came from skips around town. If you do this make sure you ask first as it is actually illegal to just take stuff!

2″ memory foam mattress topper – Amazon for £25

Bed linen set – £3 B&M

Ugliest curtains ever made – £1 at a charity shop

Uncovered cushions – 2 for £4 at B&M

15 tog patchwork quilt and super cute bunting- handmade by my wonderful sister – handmadebyheather



Curtain wire kit

Non slip matting

Plastic hooks

Read how I put it all together here.


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